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By Sophia | 04 June 2019 | 0 Comments

How to choose Suitable electronic cigarette in Hot season?

How to Choose Suitable electronic  cigarette in Hot season?
What is your hot season in your country?  In China, the hot season is from June to August.  Now it is in June.  It is in hot season.  But to Smoker, Nicotine addtive heavy in hot season.  How to choose suitable electronic cigarette in Hot season?

Now I introduce one by one:
1. For fresh smoker or ligh smoker.  Maybe one pack tobacco cigarette keep over one week.
    Smoking is not necessary for you everyday. But necessary for your life. Maybe one or two pcs cigarette in your whole day.
    If you stop smoking, it is too hard. If you keep on smoking, the series problem blingbling you everyday.
    For the Pod:
    When you are missing the nicotine, take out of your pocket and smoke three to five puffs. One full electronic cigarette battery (400mah), you can use over one or two weeks.
    Cartridge flavors various:
    Tobac corse             Unicorn             
     Ice Mint                   Lychee Ice     Grape Ice     Old popsicle     Pineapple ice
     Pericarpium citri     Triple mango     Green bean slush
  Special for fruit flavor, best popular for the fresh smokers. The others can enjoy it when fresh smoker smoking.

2. For heavy smoker
   Introduce one of my real experience.  My sister-in-law, he is truck driver over 20 years. And smoking experience is over 20 years. Two packs one day.  This spring festival vacation, I give one Pod starter kit to him. He loves it very much.  He shared experience with me.
   First day, I smoke three times during my spare time in High way rest space.  I love the falovr, but i still smoke tobacco cigarette.   In the following day, I love Green bean slush flavor. My colleague-vice driver, he is non-smoker. He loves the smell and in the past, he hated my smoking.
   Now I smoke Pod cigarette everyday. I never smoke tobacco cigarette.

Now it is very hot and you can choose one Pod for you.

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