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About Member: Offer Member service for all custorms. We do have different discounts for kinds of member.   When you sign up, you will become a member of our website.

S3 Member99% Discount!   If your order more USD 99.99,   Your account will auto Upgrade the S3 Member.

S2 Member98% Discount!   If your order more USD 199.99,   Your account will auto Upgrade the S2 Member.

S1 Member96% Discount!   If your order more USD 499.99,   Your account will auto Upgrade the S1 Member.

V3 Member95% Discount!   If your order more USD 999.99,   Your account will auto Upgrade the V3 Member.
V2 Member92% Discount!   If your order more USD 1999.99,   Your account will auto Upgrade the V2 Member.
V1 Member90% Discount!   If your order more USD 2999.99,   Your account will auto Upgrade the V1 Member.
B3 Member88% Discount!   If your order more USD 3999.99,   Your account will auto Upgrade the B3 Member.
B3 Member86% Discount!   If your order more USD 5999.99,   Your account will auto Upgrade the B2 Member.
B3 Member85% Discount!   If your order more USD 100,000.00   Your account will auto Upgrade the B1 Member.



We will not notice you if we adjust it.

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